Friday, February 27, 2015

Maybe I just can't

Throughout different phases
variety attitude
and mixed feelings
maybe i just can't forget you
even if i tried my best the way i could
yet, it just takes a really long journey to go through it

to giving and give up
its not the matter of time,
it just how hard i want it
how hard i need to let it go
how strong am i to walk just in pieces
i wish you were there
standing at the mirror
looking back what we have wasted for the past few years

dear you,
people comes and go
memories doesn't fade away
i just can't
just can't

all i want is just the get my life right to the exact track i used to travel like before
even i was walking by myself
it doesn't hurt much
like you did, a year ago
things, places, times, memories, songs, quotes

i just can't forget you how hard i tried.

dear you,
I've been missing you.

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