Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Different phase

You cannot depends on other to make yourself to feel better, it's either you do it or you let it be.

this time,
its not about make myself feel better, it is about make us to feel better in one way or another
things can be lot harder than you expected,
but i am pretty sure,
Allah is there, to watch us and surround us with His blessing

i'm not that really confident if the choice i makes few days ago will have a better in me
but yep,
everything happens for reason
you cannot regret you decision
that's life.
yeah, live love laugh


i wonder how the future could be
how it will shape me to be a better person
they said,
the guy who love you will take a good care of you
will not touch you
will not harm you
will not do anything to you
will guide you to the right path

i wonder,
if he is the right guy
does my decision is right

May Allah bless us and give hidayah to us

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