Monday, June 8, 2015

Post-exam quick tips!

Third year first semester done full of colors through many phase my ups and down, laugh and cry and what-so-ever-happen. Yes! I did well, hopefully the result goes well. Wee wee

So, here are some tips after exam ...

1. Don't throw all your notes! Unless you have any soft-copy. Yeah, we wouldn't know if we 'might' repeat the same paper again. So, keep it till the result announcement okay?

2. Manage your "Holiday Bucket List" huhuhu. Yelah, kalau macam akak ni, UIA kasi cuti 3 bulan itu kalau akak tak dapat short-sem. But yeah, prepare yourself guys! Akak ada la jugak buat "Holiday Bucket List" akak sendiri

  •  Jogging regularly
  • Tolong ibu buat kek 
  • Cari kerja (lepas raya kot) hahaha
  • Dan, mereput 
3. Don't waste your time dude! Sempena cuti semester, penuhkan lah weekend dengan attend majlis kawan bertunang ke kawan nikah ke kawan sanding ke. Hahahah dah besar woi, semua dah berlaki bini. Thus, to helps you guys feels more fun, hangout with your members, schoolmates and any-mates lah.

4. Belajar masak of course! Because, i hate cooking so i might try to do so.

So, last quick tips lepas exam.


p/s: moga lepas ni akak femes macam KekNis kasi tips tips gini phewww

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