Monday, May 13, 2013

Tears .

After you left, I’m always sad
No matter how sad I am, the sadness is not enough
I look for a place to hurt and hide
In front of my dark house, in my stopped car, in front of your house
A life without love is like poverty, the only thing remaining is an empty room
You and I, we’re like day and night, which cannot be together
The only thing we split and shared is longing
You get drunk one night, come to me and fuss that you’re gonna sleep with me
You touch my happy trail and say that you wanna lay down in my arms
You ask me why I’m always so busy and silently cry
You say didn’t mean it and that you always believe me
You and everything of you that always protected me
Has now become longing

Alone between narrow streets in tears
In case someone sees, I secretly shed tears
I try so hard not to become weak
My tears

Sit alone on the stairs in front of my house in tears
In case you find out, I secretly shed tears
I try so hard not to become weak
My tears

We have bad attachments rather than good attachments.
We fight all the time and go for days without seeing each other
But we wanted each other so much
Because we loved each other, because we couldn’t live without each other
The freckles on your body, the food you can’t eat
When we kiss and made up after fighting
When we tightly held hands while driving
I remember all of those things
Even if you’re not next to me for a moment, I get nervous
After letting you go, I easily get blank
I hate the changing world
I forcefully take out your memories
Your name, face, laughter, scent
There are so many memories you gave to me
There is so much soul that you left to me
They come to life and find to me
I crush them all with the word, love

My tears :')

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