Saturday, November 1, 2014

My kind of tired-ness

Yeah, sometimes I wonder why do people keep hurting each other.
 Why do people ignoring each other.
Why can't people shared their feeling together?
Why do they need to tell a lie, why?

But then, I realized.

Its because we're just human.
We do make mistake.
And, we improve ourselves.

Somehow, I just feel its not right. For them to hurt me, to lie to me, to ignore me, to hate me without valid reasons. Why don't the accept me as I am. All my stupidity, my annoying-ness, my clumsy-ness, my everything. Instead of telling me "Hey, that's wrong! You cannot behave like that!"

I'm sick of it!
Fuck them all!
Let it be!
Get lost!
I don't need a friend like you!

Haaaaaah, I'm just tired actually. Having those kind of friends.

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