Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ek-eleh, lovebirds.

Yeah yeah yeah, lovebirds.

Does it taste good?
does it feels excited?
how does it feel?
even I wondered how it feel actually

being loved or in love doesn't change any of yourself,
still having lots of thing to do,
carried all your responsibility
waiting for your queue at the atm machine
pay some dollars for release all your toxin
yes, having a nightmare also tho

yet, being loved or in love
change a thing,
either one yes of course

on the other hands, it may sounds yucksss euwwww eiiiii and so on
unfortunately, all those yucks and friend are actually makes you feel so grateful
even I feeling the exact same like yours hehehehe
I am not only grateful yet i found that love could make yourself become a better person
what the heckkkk am i saying, hahahaha
all the pain you gain
all the struggle you made
all the excuses you give
it's all worth it

alah, lovebirds.

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