Wednesday, July 29, 2015

She ain't write that well, dude.

Lain macam bila tiba-tiba rasa nak sendiri, entah.
Bimbang, entah kenapa rasa macam ni letih betul rasanya
muak juga bila rasa macam ni,
i won't say "you're the other half or what-so-ever-it-called" sebab aku taknak "the other half" thingy terms
i want to feel whole, as a the other half of myself,
weird isn't?
but i guess i can't or i couldn't avoid you neither.
i plant some fresh grass, i pray to have a rain at evening, so it will poured on the fresh grass,
what the heck perumpamaan ni haduh

my brain stuck and drainnnnnnn
my heart beat and liveeeeee
my love growth and safeeeee
demmit romantic,
definitely not the-typical-rahmah-type
but yeah, who cares?

to the one who "half-holding" my heart,
you did well.

Dan aku pun ber-huhuhuhuhuhu

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