Thursday, December 31, 2015


Hai, I guess its not too late to talk bout 2015, kot lah.
And, please bear with my sentence structure, grammar, vocab everything,
i just wrote what comes to my mind.
Officially I am so grateful and blessed with so many things in 2015, good and bad, happy and sad, ups and down.
Number is least important actually, it just a slightly changes in calendar and upcoming semester note books.

As i had go through with many challenges, broken heart, obstacles and difficulties, i am glad to express my gratitude to everyone,
the one who come cross the journey,
the one who left me behind the 'happiness'
the one who selling their advise to me
and, for most,
the one who never ever give up on me,
of course lah my lovely father mother sister brother and so-called-lover hiks
nothing much i can say,
i am happy,
sad tho.

2015 gives me various things to be kept
i still owing 'forgiveness' from someone
i still waiting for sincere forgiving
i still craving to forgive to others
after all,
i still misses the old me
no matter how far the journey is, slowly i found that me-myself broken and some some pieces of kindness,
i become a bit tougher, warmer, independent ofcourse, and unfortunately, cold-hearted person.
i just a number isnt?

2016, i gonna rock you!

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